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About Us

University Marketing serves as the central marketing and brand office for the University of Wisconsin–Madison. We play a critical role in all of the university’s major communication and marketing efforts. We will work closely with you to help you craft messages, visually convey your ideas in meaningful ways, and broadly distribute that message with a solid communication strategy.

To start a new project:

Send us a brief description of your ideas via our starter form. We’ll get back to you promptly.

For other inquiries:

University Marketing
Suite 200, 711 State St

Our Team



  • Mike Allen, Web Developer
  • Angela Barian, Editor
  • Barb Berg, Financial Specialist
  • Doug DeRosa, Senior Editor
  • Amy Gunderson, Marketing Manager
  • Joyce Johnston, Web Developer
  • Linda Kietzer, Senior Editor
  • Jenny Klaila, Senior Editor
  • Christine Knorr, Senior Designer
  • Danielle Lamberson-Philipp, Senior Artist
  • Danielle Lawry, Senior Designer
  • Barbara Nice, Print-buyer, Paper Specialist, Trademark Licensing Assistant
  • Kate Price, Digital Designer
  • Preston Schmitt, Editor
  • Julie Schroeder, Web Designer
  • Nick Weaver, Senior Web Developer
  • Peter Weil, Web Developer