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Headshot of Tricia Nolan

Tricia Nolan

Assistant Vice Chancellor, University Marketing
165C Bascom Hall

Tricia Nolan serves as Assistant Vice Chancellor, Marketing and Brand Strategy for University Marketing, responsible for leading institutional marketing efforts for campus, and managing UW–Madison’s brand platform. During the past fifteen years, she has held a variety of marketing positions, and has specialized in nonprofit marketing, online marketing, business-to-business marketing, and branding. She has a master’s degree in business from UW–Madison, and a BA from the University of Notre Dame.



  • Mike Allen, Web Developer
  • Angela Barian, Creative Manager
  • Josh Ciolkosz, Web Developer
  • Nick Gonzales, UX and Content Strategist
  • Amy Gunderson, Marketing Manager
  • Christine Knorr, Senior Designer
  • Danielle Lamberson Philipp, Senior Artist
  • Danielle Lawry, Senior Designer; Art Director of On, Wisconsin
  • Nicole Lipp, Marketing Specialist
  • Barbara Nice, Print-buyer, Paper Specialist, Trademark Licensing Assistant
  • Kate Price, Digital Designer
  • Preston Schmitt, Editor
  • Julie Schroeder, Web Designer
  • Andrea Schwerbel, Marketing Specialist
  • Nick Weaver, Senior Web Developer
  • Peter Weil, Web Developer