University of Wisconsin–Madison

UW Web Fonts

Who may use the fonts?

Only UW employees with NetIDs are allowed to download this official UW–Madison web font file.

Where can they be used?

The font files may only be hosted on websites with * domains. (The fonts can also be used within UW–Madison web developers’ development environments.)

How to use the fonts?

Unzip the file that downloads after submitting the form below. Inside the zip archive are two files: a .css file and a .css.gz file. You’ll use the .css file in your website. (The gzipped .gz file is optional and requires additional web server configuration to use it.)

The fonts are data-URI encoded within the CSS file. Link the CSS file as you would any other CSS file on your site. Use Verlag or Vitesse for your font-family declaration. Verlag comes in three font weights — 400, 700 and 800; specify these values using font-weight in your CSS. The 400 and 700 weights are also available as native italic. Use italic by setting font-style to italic. Vitesse comes in only the 400 weight. (You can set it to bold or italic, but these will be faux bold and italic — sufficient for most uses, but the true font variants will not be used.)

Download the font files

After filling out and submitting the following form, your font file will download as a .zip file. Please email with any questions.