University of Wisconsin–Madison

Case Study

Branding for Better Business


Office of Corporate Relations

The Challenge

To brand the university resource for the state’s business and industry communities, stressing the fast-paced, results-oriented needs of the business world.


The university has abundant resources to help Wisconsin’s businesses grow. The problem is that those resources are scattered throughout multiple campus units. Where does one begin to find help, especially if not familiar with UW–Madison? The Office of Corporate Relations partners with businesses looking for assistance with recruiting, accessing research and expertise, connecting with professional development, and wanting to raise their visibility on campus. At the same time, faculty and staff turn to OCR as a conduit to licensing and entrepreneurial resources.

Branding and Visual Identity

OCR markets university resources to business and industry. As such OCR’s visually identity embraces the core UW–Madison brand. Central to their branding identity is a second-tier UW–Madison logo pairing the office’s name to the UW crest.

Website Strategy

OCR’s website aims to be both a self-service tool for many client contacts, while also engaging those businesses that need high touch responses from liaisons. It is resource driven and visually mirrors the UW–Madison brand. It acknowledges two key audiences – business partners and UW Faculty and Staff providing access to the top interest areas


Includes an annual campus innovation report, campus impact report, industry specific advertisements and fliers, email calendar newsletter, trade-show displays, and targeted materials for specific and timely use.

Social Media

OCR targets business and industry audiences and has established social media efforts on Twitter and LinkedIn which are reinforced by the business liaisons.