Web colors

Primary color palette for the web

When using UW–Madison's official colors (Badger red, gold, and black) on the web, as used on the university home page, make sure you are using the correct color specifications.

Avoid using large areas of black in designs: Badger red and white should be the predominant colors in a design, with black and gold reserved for accents.

The official color specifications (in hexadecimal notation) are:

Badger red









Text colors:

  • Body text: #000000 or #333333
  • Links: #b70101

Secondary color palette for the web

A secondary palette of colors may be used in addition to the official Badger red, gold, and black, providing flexibility when producing a website, yet protecting the integrity of the university’s brand. These particular colors have been selected because they are complimentary, aesthetically pleasing colors when paired with the official colors.

Any of the colors in this secondary palette are acceptable for use as backgrounds, subheads, or other design elements on a website. However, these colors must not replace official colors in the university’s logo. Do not modify or tint back the official logo colors in any way.

Dark red


Medium red




Dark grey


Medium grey




Light olive


Olive grey


Light brown




Light tan