Official colors

Color use is one of the most effective ways to make an immediate connection to UW–Madison. The three official colors used in the logo and other related materials are Badger red, gold, and black. The logo must never appear in other colors.

Because the methods to reproduce colors in printed materials and on the web and other electronic media differ, it is important to download the correct file, according to your specific needs. You may download approved versions of the institutional logo in the Downloads and Templates section of these guidelines.

Colors for print use

Badger red is PMS 200. Gold is PMS 118. Campus units also have the option of using PMS 873, a metallic gold, on a limited basis for special circumstances. Please contact University Marketing if you wish to use PMS 873.

PMS 200


3, 100, 66, 12

PMS 118


5, 26, 100, 27



0, 0, 0, 0

Secondary color palette

A secondary palette of colors may be used in addition to the official Badger red, gold, and black, providing flexibility when producing printed materials, yet protecting the integrity of the university’s brand. These particular colors have been selected because they are complimentary, aesthetically pleasing colors when paired with the official colors.

Any of the colors in this secondary palette are acceptable for use as backgrounds, tint boxes, subheads, or other design elements in printed materials. However, these colors must not replace official colors in the university's logo. Do not modify or tint back the official logo colors in any way.

See specifications for a secondary color palette for Web use.

PMS 453


14, 10, 27, 0

PMS 467


9, 15, 34, 0

PMS 473


0, 23, 39, 0

PMS 7403


0, 10, 50, 0

PMS 407


30, 29, 31, 0